Friday, July 16, 2010

Pumpkin Patch

this is not really a pumpkin patch as it is a winter squash wonderland. there were some doubts as to how well veggies would thrive in this corner of the back yard as it only gets afternoon light but as illustrated here, it is a very nice spot for squash.

mid day in july you can see the evolutinary survival tactics of the squash as they wilt to a scary degree in order to preserve energy. this has been such a hot hot summer so far I am glad they have a home where there is just a wee bit of shade.

this is how the cukes cope in the full sun of the front yard:

cukes are in the same family as the winter and summer squash/zucchini family (gourds technically): Cucurbitaceae
therefore they handle the heat in the same manner: sadly. not to worry as the heat of the day passes the leaves perk up. kind of shows how i feel mid afternoon actually...

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