Saturday, July 24, 2010

A dry july

Baseball bat zucchini. I used a small screwdriver for scale

I thought I planted muskmelon or some other kind of cantaloupe in with the other squashes and watermelon but this is what is growing there

This is a gord (no idea what kind) that is growing in the winter squash wonderland and now up and over the unstackable wood pile in the back yard. cute.

The sunflowers I planted along the foundation of the house got stunted and didn't grow as tall as I had hoped. I might have ordered the wrong seeds but I think that they were supposed to be at least 5 or 6 feet tall and these are barley 3. Another factor that might have contributed to their limited growth was the beetle problem at the beginning of the season. The beetles ate so much of the baby leaves of the plant it might have been hard to photosynthesize. I also wonder about the quality of the soil around the foundation. We have records of multiple termite treatments to the foundation before we bought the house. I don't know how water soluble the pest control is or how long it lasts but I am always wary of what chemicals do to the soil.

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